How It Works


There is nothing mass-produced about our carefully crafted invitations. We work closely with you to develop a one-of-a-kind design. That design is then put in the hands of our experienced letterpress partners, who use vintage Heidelberg printing presses to achieve the best impressions possible on the best paper out there.
This process can be summarized in 3 parts:


1. Consultation

• Outline desired suite items, design, printing method, ink colors, foils, upgrades, etc. You don't have to know everything - just a general idea of what you're looking for!
• Receive a quote

2. Design

• Initial deposit due (50% of the estimated total)
• Receive design proofs; wording and design tweaks are made until you love it

3. Print

• Upon digital PDF approval and final payment, your design is sent to print!


Turnaround Time

Invitations - On average, your invites will arrive on your doorstep 8 weeks after your initial consultation. This accounts for an average of of 25 business days for Consultation and Design + up to 10 business days for Print + up to 5 business days for shipping via UPS ground. The turnaround time may be shorter than 8 weeks, but we recommend ordering early to ensure you have your invites when you need them.

Calligraphy - Upon receipt of your names/address files, calligraphy typically requires 10 business days to complete. This turnaround varies depending on existing workload. Please let us know if you are in a hurry and we will do our best to accommodate.



Letterpress Inks

We sifted through hundreds of letterpress inks to find our favorite shades of every color. Let us know if you don't see what you're looking for - more colors are available.

HANDBOOK 2018 inks-09.png



Foil stamping instantly adds glamour and elegance. Our primary selection is neutrals; colors are also available, please inquire if you're interested in fuschia/navy/etc. foil.

HANDBOOK 2018 foils-10-09.png


Our Paper

We use 100% pure cotton paper made with reclaimed textile fibers right here in the USA. Carefully curated and chosen for their luxurious quality, you'll love the way your invitations look and feel. Our house paper is Crane's Lettra #220 ("ultrathick") and Crane's Lettra #110. Developed explicitly for letterpress, Crane's paper is soft, springy, rich, and world-renowned. Compare this quality to the big box sites here.


Crane's Lettra #220 ("ultrathick")

  • for extra deep letterpress/foil stamping impressions
  • cannot be combined with flat printing
  • can be edge painted

Crane's Lettra #110

  • for letterpress/foil stamping/flat printing
  • can combine letterpress/foilstamping with flat printing
  • cannot be edge painted


Envelope Colors

Each invitation order includes envelopes. We stock these colors because they're our favorites, but are always happy to curate new colors to suit each order.

2018 ENVELOPES website.png


Please click here to view our general pricing guide for 2017-2018.
For a specific quote, please get in touch via Get A Quote.